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Vivi & Dave's AWESoME Wedding Website!!
welcome to the website for dave and vivi's bad@ss wedding // welcome to the website for dave and vivi's bad@ss wedding // welcome to the website for dave and vivi's bad@ss wedding // welcome to the website for dave and vivi's bad@ss wedding

dave and viv playin some music

dave and viv doin some dancin


what a crew

Phil Bisker (best man, a questionable title to be sure) - Dave and Phil have been friends since the 2nd grade. They've started bands and played together on sports teams all the way up through their college days at Penn State. Now they are both engineers for the military, but that is only temporary until the next band takes off.

Alex Garrity and Dan Werner - It takes three legs to hold up a table, but God knows that the apartment the three of them shared through college was barely left standing. Dave met Alex through the PSU lacrosse team, and was soon allowed to join in the long-term bromance that he and Dan already shared. Their bromantic adventures continue as hot-shot actuaries in Boston.

Mike Tshudy and Earl Thomas - Mike and Earl both soldiered through the early mornings and long monotony of Air Force ROTC training and engineering with Dave. Earl, no longer shackled by the sky, now is a head honcho for a company that constructs buildings where there aren't any yet (trust me, there's not much in Tunkhannock, PA). Mike decided electrical engineering was too easy and is now riding your tax dollars through med school.

Charlie Campbell and Sean Myers - Both longtime buddies of Dave from the pre-highschool period (awkward days to be sure) Charlie is cleaning up after all of us as an environmental engineer, and Sean is manufacturing airplanes. Honorary shoutout to Tim Gill, who is far off doing God's work in the Philippines (come back soon buddy).

Bobby Jones and Jean-Luc Machi (these two have nothing in common, except good looks maybe) - Bobby Jones was the first-ever drummer of Babbling April. Thats right, fun fact if anyone is still playing Trivial Pursuit in 20 years. Jean-Luc is Vivi's, and thus soon to be Dave's, brother. He is a student at the University of Portland and quite the soccer player. Bro! Were gonna be bros bro!

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what a crew

Aubree Corporandy (maid of honor) - Aubree and Vivi have been partners in crime in multiple time zones. Starting from 8th grade chemistry projects, to Axl Rose and John Bonham imitations in Rock School, to college adventures in Maryland, Aubree has been one of Vivi’s most loyal, giving and supportive friends. Several escapades probably aren’t fit to print, but as they’ve frequently said in times of duress, “at least we’re in this together.”

India Kieser and Julia Nick - India and Vivi met at age 5 in Mr. Rousseau’s class, and their friendship has survived arduous ballet lessons, French math classes and a short stint on the volleyball team. Two Samantha dolls, dozens of Japanese comics and many beer flights later, they’re still meeting up at indie concerts anywhere between Ridgewood and D.C. Julia and Vivi were introduced through a mutual friend before college began, and though a sorority brought them closer, a love of coffee and great records tied the knot. An even more badass Erin Brockovich in training, Julia will be a bridesmaid in spirit on the big day!

Kerry Frank and Hannah Holliday- Kerry was Vivi’s first roommate at Johns Hopkins. They bonded over multiple classes together as International Studies majors, and many a difficult weekend walk together to the Fresh Food Café. Hannah and Vivi bonded over Iron Maiden and Nine Inch Nails before becoming senior-year roommates. Their apartment, though small, bore witness to several momentous parties, including a rock-star costume party and a macaroni and cheese showdown.

Jessica Phippen and Elizabeth DeMeo- Jess and Liz and Vivi made the joint move to Alexandria after graduation, learning how to navigate the D.C. professional and social scenes together. Without the sartorial expertise of these two ladies, Vivi’s wardrobe would still consist of mostly fishnet tops, plaid skirts and zippered pants. Jess and Vivi continue to perfect their risotto recipe in D.C., while Liz is becoming a master of words at the University of Arkansas.

Carrie Hawkins and Sarah New- Carrie and Sarah are Dave’s older sisters, and Vivi’s soon-to-be sisters in law! Carrie and her husband Matt lived in Dayton at the same time as Dave and Vivi, and were always there when needed, whether with advice or a handy tool, or to rescue Vivi on the side of the highway. Sarah and Vivi bonded quickly over a shared affection for literature, chocolate and the pop punk bands of their youth, and frequently plot ways to avoid watching college football with the rest of the New clan.

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